Services and Pricing

Please note, I do not accept gratuity.

15% off for packages of 3 or more sessions purchased at one time.

Therapeutic Massage

A relaxing massage using Swedish technique as the foundation while incorporating any therapies appropriate to achieve your personalized goals during your session.

60min/$80 75min/$95 90min/$115 120min/$160

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage, also known as Thai yoga massage, is a holistic treatment that focuses on the balancing of the energetic, emotional and physical bodies. A combination of acupressure, compression and passive stretching is used to open up the body and allow for the release of physical and energetic stagnation. Benefits of Thai massage include improved circulation, increased flexibility and calming of the mind. Clients should wear loose comfortable clothing for this session.

60 min/$80

Prenatal Massage

Give your changing body some extra love, it is working extra hard! A relaxing massage to ease tension, aid circulation and soothe your aching feet.

60 min/$80

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A gentle, noninvasive modality that focuses on balancing of the cerebrospinal fluid, promoting self healing and deep relaxation. Cranial Sacral uses very light touch and clients are advised to wear loose, comfortable clothing.


Japanese Shiatsu

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing practice that uses rhythmic compressions to balance the body by working with energetic meridians. Shiatsu has a deeply relaxing effect that promotes self healing and rejuvenation. Where loose, comfy clothing for your session.


1 on 1 Yoga Instruction

Do you want to take a step towards building your own yoga practice, or gain the confidence to start attending a class? Well I am here to help! I will teach you the foundations of a sustainable practice. We will focus on alignment, breathing technique and meditation to help you design a program that it easy to do and highly beneficial. A perfect accompaniment to regular massage that will keep you feeling great between visits, as well as a fun event activity! I will come to you for yoga instruction, please call to schedule.


Available for Outcall and Events!

Please call for pricing and scheduling.